Guest Blog: Bellway

‘They Did It, So Can You’: Bellway Puts Happy Homeowners in the Spotlight for its Help to Buy Campaign

They did it – now so can you. That’s the message that Bellway is sharing through its current national campaign around the Help to Buy equity loan scheme, which shines the spotlight on its many happy customers who have used the scheme to purchase their new homes. 

Thousands of people have purchased a new Bellway home using Help to Buy, and the HBF 5 star housebuilder invited just some of the most recent purchasers to share their experiences, and appear in the campaign. From young couples taking their very first step onto the property ladder, to existing homeowners making the move into a brand new home, Bellway’s campaign highlights how anyone could be eligible to use Help to Buy – and how it could make the difference between owning the home you need, and the home you really want.

Bellway also recognised just how many myths there are around the Help to Buy equity loan scheme, which may be putting off many potential buyers from taking advantage of the scheme to buy the home they’ve always dreamed of. Its free to download Help to Buy Guide reveals the truth behind several of the most common myths, such as that the scheme is only for first-time buyers, that the interest rates on the loan skyrocket after the first five years, and that it’s really difficult to use Help to Buy to purchase a new home.

The guide also offers lots of useful and easy to follow information about the scheme, including a breakdown of how it works and varies in different regions, plus the answers to lots of frequently asked questions. There are also testimonials from real Bellway buyers who used the Help to Buy scheme, and wanted to share that ‘they did it’, and now you can too.

What Bellway customers say about the Help to Buy equity loan scheme

First-time buyer Emma Joyce was able to buy her first home in Gloucester at the age of just 21, thanks to the Help to Buy scheme which helped Emma and her partner to escape the rental trap, and own a home with affordable monthly mortgage payments.

“We wouldn’t have been able to buy our home without Help to Buy. They accepted our application in three days which meant we could move things along faster than planned.

“I’m 21 and I was in a position when renting where I thought I would never be able to get onto the property ladder, but Help to Buy has made that possible. It’s made our dream of owning a home come true.”

For 44-year old Gary Porter, the Help to Buy scheme enabled him to purchase his first new build home, after many years of owning second-hand homes that required often expensive renovations, or simply weren’t suitable for his needs.

“Help to Buy has made owning my first new home achievable for me, and I really wouldn’t have been able to secure my new property without it.

“Whoever is eligible for the scheme should definitely look into it as an option and I would strongly recommend it to those who it is available to.”

Bellway is also publishing many of their customers’ Help to Buy stories across its Facebook and Instagram channels, in addition to interactive, myth-busting Instagram Stories that are designed to test your knowledge of the scheme. Follow Bellway now to read about real homebuyer experiences of using the Help to Buy scheme, and don’t forget to download its free Help to Buy Guide for all the information you need to understand the scheme and why it could be right for you.