The Benefits of Buying a New Home

Everyone remembers their first home, the excitement of getting the keys, opening the doors to spacious empty rooms and sitting on the removal boxes enjoying your first cup of tea ‘at home’.

But finding that perfect first home can be hard and excitement can cloud the questions that need to be asked, whether it’s, is this the right location, does it meet my needs or even can I see myself living here? 

After the initial excitement of finding the right home, then comes the more serious questions of can I afford to live here, how energy efficient is the home or what do I do if the house needs repairs? 

They’re the questions no one wants to ask, but ones that need answering.  The good news however is that there are now many schemes out there to help first time buyers overcome these challenges.

On all Miller Homes developments, the government is offering the Help to Buy* scheme.  Specifically targeted at first time buyers, the scheme allows qualifying buyers, who only have a small deposit of around 5%, to apply for an additional 20% equity loan which means that they could only need to secure up to a 75% mortgage from a bank or building society.  With such schemes, securing your own home could become a reality. 

The cost of energy and heating a home is increasingly becoming a key concern for buyers with a recent survey highlighting that energy costs are the biggest concern for two thirds of households across the UK.

Miller Homes knows this and is committed to delivering energy saving measures on all of its new homes.  Another benefit of buying new is that all new homes comply with the latest building regulations including having energy and water efficiency measures in place as standard.  The majority of Miller Homes’ are also fitted with ‘Smart Meter’ technology which gives home owners more control over their energy usage.

When buying a new home from Miller, homeowners can also be assured that the home is finished to award winning standards, with the highest specification and attention to detail.  All new Miller Homes are also covered by the NHBC’s guarantee where damage or faults with the house can be covered for up to ten years, offering real peace of mind to new homeowners. 

Finding, buying and living in a new home is fun and rewarding experience, but don’t forget to explore the financial support that’s available and the warranties and energy efficiencies that help bring peace of mind.  With this support and assurance in place you to relax and enjoy living in, and owning, your own beautiful new home.